Women in Cyber Security

Women Cyber Security Leaders @ ELITECISOs

ELITECISOs believes Women in Cybersecurity is an untapped, underrepresented potential and strongly works on bringing the talent to the right focus and speed it needs

We, at ELITECISOs believe that cyber security needs more women. The problem isn’t that there are too many men in the industry, but rather that there are not enough women.

Our efforts toward greater gender equality in cybersecurity is not one of right vs. wrong or men vs. women, but it's that having more women in the workplace is good for business. Diversity in perspectives, leadership, and experience is good for business and even more favourable in cyber security space as we need people with different backgrounds because of the kind of people we are pursuing, (threat actors, hackers, 'bad guys') also have a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. The wider and broader variety of people and experience we have protecting our networks, the better our chances of success.

Also, we strongly believe that more women in cyber security will help change the status quo to improve internal and external perceptions that women. General perception for the industry is that it is “techie” and more suited for men. With more and more women joining the industry, it will help break this societal issue and we work aggressively and encourage more women to participate in our events, workshops, trainings etc.

Shweta Srivastava
CTO & CISO (Paul Merchants Ltd)

ELITECISOs is a forum that has connected me with the industry stalwarts as well as peers. This forum not only gives a platform for exchange of latest trends, technology and innovations; it also gives an opportunity to connect with fellow CISOs to gain from their knowledge and experience. In addition to this, with the help of sessions arranged by the group, I recently finished 12 hours crash course on PDPB and next one planned is IT Act Workshop. I feel privileged to be a part of this group.

Mansi Thapar
IT Leader, Head Information Security Jaquar Group

ELITECISOs envision a future where the people who imagine and build technology mirror the people and societies for whom they build it. Forum connects, inspires, guides and supports women to grow, learn and develop their highest potential. Personally, it has helped me to develop my network, skills and brand and I am continuously engaging with the forum to grow myself. Feel honoured to be a part of this eminent group where all our members (male or female) come together to support each other

Sakshi Vidur
Head - Information Security for Asia Pac at Yum! Brands

ELITECISOs group - women in security I’d like to shine a light on my participation in our career oriented ELITECISOs community... it’s a terrific platform and an interactive outlet where we get to meet new people, connect and share our stories. It has made the world seem a little smaller. hearing words of support from these talented and brilliant colleagues is quite encouraging and I enjoy listening to everyone for his/ her thoughts, ideas and experiences. It’s about building relationships that allow us to look out for each other and have fun too! Sign up and check it out!

Preeti Singh
CISO,Aviva Life Insurance

ELITECISOs is a highly regarded community for CISOs and other security leaders. My 1 year association with ELITECISOs is a fantabulous journey and it has opened up networking opportunities and friendships doors for me that would have otherwise not existed. I've been able to develop and sustain professional growth due to ongoing educational opportunities through regular conferences, Cyber Executive Forums, web conferences etc that are arranged by the ELITECISOs community. In nutshell, ELITECISOs community gives you access to people, resources and opportunities that allow you to accelerate career development & progress along with the Information & Cyber Security Career.

Seema Sharma
Regional Head, Information Security - CVENT

ELITECISOs group is a great forum to get to know, learn from, and collaborate with fellow information security leaders. Mostly, I enjoy the camaraderie of the group because as a leader we have to fight a perpetual battle against external cyber threats, understanding and addressing evolving regulations and gathering resources to meet escalating security demands, and forum like ELITECISOs makes us feel that we are not alone and togetherly we can problem solve anything by sharing proven security best practices. Also, the security webinars and workshops organized by the group provide a great opportunity to upskill and keep up with the latest industry trends.

Mini Sharma
Global CISO at Secure Meters Limited

#EliteCISOs is more than just a knowledge sharing forum. It is emerged as a wholesome and holistic community that goes beyond the typical mainstream virtual engagement platforms. While we CISOs have to contend with the fact that there will be this ever-changing new technologies, frameworks and it will be much harder to keep in sync #EliteCISOs has created a space to gain knowledge in the short time spans, with topics that keep us informed of what is latest in security. Despite the ubiquity of security frameworks and everchanging tools, the forum is always awash with rich security topics, ever increasing array of security challenges, and practical insights on shared experiences. An incredibly great community always looking out for innovative ways to engage the CISOs through fitness activities, celebrations, and fun. The super changed environment, the strong sense of purpose and belonging is what makes this a great platform for #Strengthening security #Strengthening connections #Strengthening CISOs