ELITECISOs Speak is a weekly podcast which is tailored for CISOs, CIOs and other senior cyber security leaders. We plan to discuss various topics around cybersecurity, any recent event that affects security posture of organization, trends and other cyber security leadership topics.

EliteCISOs Podcast With Mr. Rahul Monie, CTO & CISO at Absolutdata

ELITECISOs Speak : Power Podcast with Group Capt. Ashok Kumar, Director Security - Indian Air Force

Occupational health hazards of IT professionals

ELITECISOs Speak : Power Podcast with Mr. Saurabh Gugnani, Head IT & Security at PeopleStrong

DevOps isn’t just about dev and operations teams. If you want to take full advantage of the agility and responsiveness of a DevOps approach, IT security must also play an integrated role in the full life cycle of your dev process. Listen to Mr. Saurabh as he talks about his experience with this relatively new buzzword - DevSecOps

ELITECISOs Speak : Power Podcast with Mr. Umesh Kumar, Cyber Security Leader

Mr. Umesh shares his experience on managing large scale SOC operations.

ELITECISOs Speak : Power Podcast with Mr. Mohit Gupta, CISO - MIND

A ransomware attack can be devastating, and no business is immune from the threat. Listen as Mr. Mohit shares his experience with nasty ransomware and how they survived the attack.

ELITECISOs Speak : Power Podcast with Mr. Vishal Pranjale, Head of Cyber Security

A comprehensive security awareness program sets clear cybersecurity expectations for all employees and educates users about how to recognize attack vectors, help prevent cyber-related incidents and respond to a potential threat. It is an important component of overall security culture, listen to Mr. Vishal as he shares his thought on this topic.

ELITECISOs Speak : Power Podcast with Mr. Kumar Ravi, VP - Information Security at EXL Services

This podcast we discuss practical insights on how to manage enterprise wide Threat Hunting.

ELITECISOs Speak : Power Podcast on Women in Cyber Security

Women are highly underrepresented in the field of cybersecurity. In 2017, women’s share in the U.S. cybersecurity field was 14%, compared to 48% in the general workforce.

ELITECISOs Speak : Power Podcast with Mr. T.L. Arunachalam on Cyber Insurance

As organizations respond to urgent and changing business need around Covid19, it is vital that they continue to make cybersecurity a priority. One aspect of this is understanding the pandemic’s implications for cyber insurance. This episode focuses around cyber insurance and how organisations should adapt!

LinkedIn Profile : Mr. T.L. Arunachalam
ELITECISOs Speak : Power Podcast with Vikas Yadav, CISO - Nykaa | Cloud Security

Even with expanding COVID-19 situation spend on IT is going to be slowed down, but cloud security spending would be the top priority for enterprises. Listen to Vikas as he shares how organisations can better manage their cloud journey.

ELITECISOs Speak : Power Podcast with Subhajit Deb, Global CISO - Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

Ponemon Institute, 2020 Cost of Insider Threats case study showed a dramatic increase in insider threats since 2018. According to the study, the average global cost of insider threats rose by 31% in two years to $11.45 million, and the frequency of incidents spiked by 47% in the same time period. In this podcast Subhajit shares actionable items on how to handle insider threat.

ELITECISOs Speak : Power Podcast with Mansi Thapar, Head Information Security at Jaquar Group

The COVID crisis has redrawn the boundaries of cyber security. Listen to Mansi as she talks about securing the endpoints as they're not outside the corporate perimeter security boundary.

LinkedIn Profile : Ms. Mansi Thapar
ELITECISOs Speak : Power Podcast with Ram Kumar G, Cyber Security & Risk Leader

Cyber Security is one of the most lucrative field, with approx. 4 million open opportunities worldwide [2019 (ISC)2 study] it could be your next career move.

LinkedIn Profile : Mr. Ram Kumar G
ELITECISOs Speak : Power Podcast with Rishi Rajpal; Director - Security, Concentrix

ELITECISOs Knowledge Sharing Initiative - ELITECISOsSpeak : Mr. Rishi talking about security & BCP during Covid19.

LinkedIn Profile : Mr. Rishi Rajpal
ELITECISOs Speak : Power Podcast with Venkata Satish Guttula; Director - Security, Rediff.com

ELITECISOs Knowledge Sharing Initiative - ELITECISOsSpeak : Mr. Venkata Satish Guttula, talking about email security.

LinkedIn Profile : Mr. Venkata Satish Guttula