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Password Management: Strengthening the First Line of Defence

Summary -

How do you go from password to passwordless in today's business environment when 80% of breaches are due to passwords? People's password practices remain the weakest point in a company's security and may be putting sensitive data at risk. While employees want to work efficiently from anywhere, businesses must ensure that security controls are in place.

Passwords allow employees, partners, and customers to access a broad range of tools and systems that enable them to work, collaborate, and transact. Passwords are also notoriously weak as a security tool, and their problems remain at an all-time high unless proper steps are taken to manage and protect them adequately.

Our session covers how companies can manage passwords and reduce human behaviour risk, given that humans are the weakest link. We will also discuss the following:

  • Practical steps to deal with the human element of digital access at home and work
  • Password culture change and how to buy down risk fast
  • How password management solution can fit seamlessly into your cyber security strategy without complicating the current systems or compromising what is at stake
  • Going beyond SSO and MFA to help enhance your cybersecurity posture and elevate productivity levels within your organisation and among your employees
  • Password authentication as THE solution to your password problem